Welcome to Patio Clean  – Bringing You the System that’s Been Taking Europe By Storm!

terrUsing the Terrazza brush with its unique patented structure we can clean any outside surface such as driveways, car parks, garden paths, terraces etc. Using just a small amount of water this environmentally friendly concept can clean any surface; natural stones, cobblestone, block paving, concrete, decking and any type of wood, artificial sports turf and many more.

Additionally, we can use this unique brush inside to help you with those difficult jobs such as removing cement residue, rubber traces from tyres and oil stains alongside cleaning anti-slip floors in kitchens, swimming pools and industrial plants.

Developed in Belgium by Terrazza MC to be an ‘ecologically friendly’ indoor and outdoor cleaning concept for vertical and horizontal surfaces.

Our original unique patented brush has two sets of bristles. The long bristles clean inside the grooves whilst the shorter bristles tackle the dirt on the surface. Without using damaging high pressure, the combination of the dirt with water generates a paste, which when combined with the brush gently restores surfaces back to their original state, without using detergents or environmentally unfriendly chemicals. Because we are not using high pressure just our TMC Kit and water there is no need to worry about plants, animals or children.

The perfect equipment to clean hard surfaces inside and out.

The Facts; Power Washing (end the wrong hands)

  • Power washing damages the structure of both indoor and outdoor surfaces.
  • Blasts away sediment, leaving porous areas for further problems to form.
  • It’s generally noisy.
  • Creates mess on surrounding surfaces and walls.
  • Cannot be used when people are walking nearby.
  • Can be a costly investment as once you begin power washing, it leads the way for further issues to develop, which can also be time consuming to then keep on top of.

We charge the same as the average Power Washing service, however our patented brush system comes with all of the following advantages.

The Facts; Terrazza MC Brush System

  • We can clean your surfaces, without any damage to the structure, restoring them back to their original state.
  • Minimal noise.
  • Less Mess.
  • No chemicals, just water.
  • Can clean difficult, problem and extremely dirty areas.
  • Fast and efficient to use.
  • Less frequent cleaning required due to no damage to the surface
  • No use of expensive detergents or chemicals
  • Combination of weed control and cleaning at the same time.

Low amounts of water on all surface types + low noise + low energy use = low CO2 exhaust.