Decking really looks great when first installed. But in a short time it will succumb to the elements. Grime, dirt and algae build up on the surface making it not only unsightly but dangerous too. In cold weather wooden decking presents a serious health and safety risk with the potential for insurance claims for any business. For the home owner dirty wooden surfaces represent a serious slip hazard.

Unlike a pressure washer the Terrazza brush won’t damage the soft tissue fibres between the grain which means your decking will last longer and look better for longer. No cleaning system will give you a longer interval between cleans due to unique deep clean achieved by our special worldwide patented bristles.

The brush can also be used to remove any decking coating or sealant or even to strip the paint off and restore the wood to its original state.

The process works as follows:

1. we wet the surface lightly, this is the only water needed for the cleaning

2. we get to work with the Terrazza machine and brush, cleaning methodically with 2 passes over each dirty area to be cleaned

3. we use our special Waterbroom to sweep away the dirt from the surface cleaned by the brush